Dyne pens

Film Inks Paints Adhesives 

Dyne test inks are fluids for the quick and easy testing of the surface energy or wetting tension of film, sheet, coated board, inks, coatings and adhesives, as well as testing the surface cleanliness of metals. For this, the ink is applied to the material surface and it will give you fast information about the surface energy level of your materials.

We supply the ink in the range from 30 to 72 mN/m as either dyne pens with a special spring loaded valve tip to prevent contamination of the test liquid, or as ink in bottles of 30 ml. All products are violet dyed.

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  • Specifically designed for fast, accurate on-line measurement of surface wetting and treat levels by printers, coaters, laminators and metallizers
  • Spring loaded tip meters fluid feed and guards against contamination
  • Hundreds of tests from each dyne pen
  • Apart from the standard levels, we can also supply 16, 18, 20, 25 and 77 and 82 mN/m.
  • Do you know our non-toxic dyne pens?


ASTM D2578 • ISO 8296 • TAPPI T698