Dyne pens non toxic

Film Inks Paints Adhesives 

Dyne test inks are liquids for the easy and fast determination of the surface energy of films, sheets, coated board, inks, coatings and adhesives, as well as the cleanliness of metals. You put the ink onto the surface to be tested and you will have an inmediate understanding of the surface free energy of your materials.

Our non toxic inks are supplied in a range of 28 up to 72 mN/m as pens, either a small 10 ml version with 5 mm tip, and as a large 26 ml version with 15 mm tip, as well as in bottles of 10, 50 or 100 ml. The 10 ml bottles have an integrated brush. The inks are available in either red or blue.

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  • Can be supplied as pens or in bottles
  • Non toxic formula
  • You can order any combination of level and quantity.
  • We also supply the standard dyne pens according to ASTM formula


ASTM D2578 • ISO 8296 • TAPPI T698