Tearing Tester

Paper Textile Film 

The Elmendorf tearing tester is used to determine the tearing strength of fabrics, paper, plastics films, non-woven and other sheet materials.
The test method consists of raising the pendulum up to the starting position of the test, getting the required potential energy. Then, then pendulum is release, tearing the specimen and we will obtain the tearing strength by means of the reduction of the energy due to the tearing of the sample.
Stand alone operation by touch screen, software package for displaying test curves and printing test reports is available..

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  • Includes 1800 cN pendulum, and 5 augmenting weights up to 6400 cN
  • Includes full set of calibration weights
  • Pneumatic pendulum release


EN ISO 13937-1 • EN ISO 6383 • ISO 1974 • ISO 4674-2 • ISO 9290 • BS 3424 • BS 4253 • BS 4468 • ASTM D689 • ASTM D1424 • ASTM D1922 • DIN 53862 • M&S P29 • NEXT 17 • APPITA P400 • SCAN P11 • PAPTAC D9. TAPPI T414 • NWSP 100.1