Stein Hall viscosity cup

Paper Adhesives 

The Stein Hall viscosity cup is used worldwide for the quality control of starch adhesives, especially those in use in the production of corrugated.
Viscosity is one of the key properties of starch adhesives, as it relates to the quality of the corrugated board; the viscosity correlates to the starch content, water penetration, water retention, tack and formation.
It robust construction and easy operation allow for fast testing at all the critical steps in the production process. Made in brass, with a fixed orifice at the bottom, and two pins for the perfect indication of the cup volume. The cup can be disassembled easily for cleaning.

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  • Construction in brass for optimal resistance
  • Extra orifice plate and rubber ring available as spare part
  • We do supply many other viscosity cups
  • Also suitable for starch adhesives is the Lory cup


TAPPI TIP 0304-33