SmartShrink shrinkage rate tester


The SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester determines multiple shrinkage rate test results in 5 seconds for fabrics after washing, steaming, and dry-cleaning according to ISO 3759, ISO 5077, and other test methods.
SmartShrink takes a picture of a fabric sample by using a camera equipped on the top, automatically measuring the distances between the marked dots, and calculates the shrinkage test results by the patented vision inspection algorithm. The shrinkage test result of the fabric will be real-time shared with the IoT-connected SmarTexLab app installed on the computer and smartphone.
SmartShrink automatically measures fabric shrinkage and calculates the test results, avoiding manual errors and making the test more accurate and reliable; It automatically saves the shrinkage test data and sample photos, and can share and send the test results in real-time, making the test more transparent and trustworthy; The whole process of the test has been reduced from 6 minutes to only 5 seconds, making the test more rapid and reducing the cost by more than 90%.

Download flyer (652 KB)


  • Fast and accurate calculation, easy to operate
  • Automatic data saving function


ISO 3759 • ISO 5077 • AATCC 35 • AATCC 150 • AATCC 179 method 1