Colour assessment cabinet

Paper Textile Film Inks Paints 

Colour assessment cabinets offer the perfect alternative to natural daylight. These cabinets are designed for the colour assessment according to BS 950 part 1 and other international standards, and we offer optimal D65 artificial daylight lamps. The colour assessment cabinet is suitable for use in all industries and applications that require a consistent colour, such as textiles, automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, pigments, foodstuffs, shoes, furniture, inks, knitwear, leather, packaging, printing and many, many others.

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  • Operation by menu control
  • Digital display with membrane switches
  • Choose from many lightsources
  • The standard for colour matching
  • Two sizes available
  • 45º viewing board optionally


BS 950 • EN ISO 3664 • DIN 6173 • ASTM D1729