Cobb Sizing Tester


The Cobb Sizing Tester is an economical and practical means of determining liquid absorptiveness or resilience of treated and untreated papers, boards, fabrics and other sheet materials.
Water absorptiveness of paper board or other materials is a function of various characteristics such as sizing, porosity, etc. The Cobb sizing test can be used to test absorption or resistance to absorption of water, oil and other liquids.
This procedure determines the quantity of water absorbed by a sample of paper or other sheet material in a specified time and under standardized conditions. Other liquids such as ink, beverages, oil and water based solutions may be used instead of water. The standard area is 100 cm2, into which 100 cc of liquid are poured to reach a specific height of 1 cm.

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  • All stainless steel and non corroding materials
  • Complete with necessary accessories: cilinder, roller, blotting paper, stopwatch and graduated 100 ml cup.
  • Also required is a laboratory balance with an accuracy of 0.001 g


ISO 535 • EN 20353 • TAPPI T441 • ASTM D3285 • BS 2644 • NF Q03-018 • NF Q02035 • FEFCO 7 • DIN 53132 • SCAN P21