Shear tester


The static shear tester for tests at room temperature is specially designed for testing adhesives, tapes and adhesive products from related industries. It is used in the tape holding power test.
The properties of the durable adhesion can be obtained by measuring the displacement if the sample on the vertical test plate and the time to failure at such loads.
The cohesion properties of the adhesive are related to its density and its termal resistance.

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  • Models with 6, 8, 10 or 12 test positions
  • Special model with with adjustable angle 0-180º and touchscreen operation
  • Test panels and test loads included, float glass panels optional
  • Any number of test positions is possible
  • A handroller is needed also


EN 1943 • ISO 29864 • PSTC 107 • TLMI 7 • FINAT FTM8 • ASTM D3654 • ASTM D6463 • AFERA TM 5012 • GTF 6006