Scorch Tester


Scorch tester, to determine the ironing and sublimation color fastness, of fabrics, as well as shrinkage to hot pressing and dry heat.
The three top plates have a precisely controlled weight, to ensure even pressure across the sample. Each plate temperature is individually controlled by means of a microprocessor, and a timer with automatic stop is also integrated.

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  • 3 pairs of heating plates, temperature of each upper and lower plate can be set individually
  • Large LCD display, convenient setting and operation


ISO 105-P01 • ISO 105-X11 • EN 14878 • BS 1006 • BS 5438 • AATCC 92 • AATCC 114 • AATCC 117 • AATCC 133 • DIN 54022 • DIN 54060 • M&S C13