The perspirometer verifies the color fastness of textiles for the effects of perspiration. The test is applied to fibers, skeins or fabrics of any kind, dyed, printed or coloured by any process.

The test is carried out by placing a coloured textile sample in contact with another white material, for color transfer. Moistened in a solution that simulates acid perspiration, it is subjected to a constant pressure and a temperature of 38ºC. The sample is evaluated for color change and the other material is evaluated for color transfer.

When carrying out perspiration fastness tests, it is necessary to use an oven with a stainless steel interior, and grey scales for evaluation of transfer and color change.

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  • Consist of one sample holder frame with 21 acrylic plates and weights of 4.54 kg (AATCC) and 5 kg (ISO)
  • Also suitable for the assessment of phenolic yellowing


EN ISO 105 E01 •  EN ISO 105 E0 • EN ISO 105 E04 • DIN 54005 • DIN 54006 • DIN 54007 • DIN 54020 • AATCC 15 • AATCC 106 • AATCC 107 • BS 1006 E01 • BS 1006 E02 • BS 1006 E04 • IWSTM 6 • IWSTM 174 • IWSTM 175