Inks Paints 

The fineness of grind is particularly important during the manufacture of pigmented products. By its determination, the efficiency of dispersion processes can be followed and the performance of dispersion apparatuses and methods can be determined. The grindometer can be used in different industries, such as the paint, ink, pigments, cosmetics, paper, detergent and food (e.g. chocolate, mustard, peanut butter) industries.

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  • Leverbaar met bereik 0-25, 0-50 of 0-100 micrometer; andere bereiken op aanvraag leverbaar.
  • Leverbaar met 1, 2 of 3 kanalen, of een extra breed kanaal
  • Levering omvat de grindometer, schraper, handleiding en certificaat in een koffertje.


EN ISO 1524 •  EN 21524 • ASTM D1084 • ASTM D1210 • ASTM D1316 • FMTS 141 • DIN 53203 • BS 3900 pt C6 • FT 30 046