Folie diktemeter


Sturdy thickness gauge for the quick and efficient determination of the thickness of sheet materials like film, paper, board, leather, textiles, felt, rubber, sheet metal, plywood, plastic, foil, etc.

Many models available, both analogue and digital, with various presser feet, and resolutions of 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 mm.

This particular model is especially laid out for measuring plastic film, with its 1 micron resolution on an easy to read digital readout, and a 10 mm ø foot or a roller for measuring. Results can be displayed in either mm or inches. It features a convenient grip handle, thumb trigger and spring loaded, self-closing spindle. Comes in a plastic transport/storage case.

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  • Digital display with 1 micron resolution
  • Measuring foot 10 mm ø or rollers