Electronic pencil hardness tester

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The electronic pencil hardness tester, according to the Wolff-Wilborn method, is designed to overcome the traditional pencil hardness tester's limits, which are reproducibility and repeatability. The uniformity of the carriage speed and the variation of the applied force by the user are the key factors for the pencil hardness test.

The tester has a built-in motor to drive the unit with a constant and uniform speed across the coated panels. The test load can be freely set from 500 to 1000g, and the positioning button and internal levelling bubble ensure the instrument can be used easily and accurately. Comes complete with a set of test pencils.

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  • Measures the hardness in a reproducible and repeatably way
  • Complete set


ISO 15184 • EN DIN 13523 • BS 3900 E19 • ASTM D3363 • ECCA T4 • NEN 5350 • MIL C 27 227 • SIS 184 187 • SNV 37113