Release tester


The adhesion/release tester can be used for peel, strip and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes,  pressure sensitive tapes, medical adhesive bandage, protection films, release paper, laminated films, artificial leather, woven bags, paper and related materials.

The standard instrument can perform 180º peel tests, as well as release tests, tensile tests, optionally also 90º peel, tear, low speed unwinding and shear performance.

Download flyer (422 KB)


  • Touch screen control
  • Integrated printer as well as USB interface
  • Windows software optional


PSTC 4 • PSTC 15 • PSTC 55 • PSTC 101 • ASTM D3330 • AFERA 4001 P11 • FINAT FTM 1 • FINAT FTM 3 • FINAT FTM 5 • FINAT FTM 10 • FINAT FTM 11 • TLMI L-IA1 • TLMI L-IA2 • TLMI L-IA3